Living Room

The Living Room is an expedition of human imagination into the realm of furniture. Balancing between mask theatre, dance and circus, it plays an exciting game of imagination and humour.

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The Living Room is an expedition of the human imagination into the unexplored realm of furniture. It takes place between the walls of a single room – the parallel universe of furniture that coexists with our universe. Here, each object has its own character, each acting in its own unique way.

On the border between light and darkness, amidst the quiet scrape of wooden feet and creaking doors, furniture and the human body become a canvas where fantastic figures emerge and fade out. Balancing on the edges of masked theatre, dance and circus, creator Lukáš Karásek plays an exciting game full of imagination and humour.

The furniture comes to life and moves around the room as individual beings, meeting and interacting with others, but unable to leave the room. They have to share the space in which they have been placed.

In an interview with OperaPlus, Lukáš Karásek states: "The room is full of different furniture, there are pieces of different shapes, sizes and materials, and they have relationships with each other, there is superiority and inferiority between them. And that reminds me of the relationships between people. [...] I don't try to determine the meaning in my work, but rather to provide an image, a material, a situation and leave the interpretation to the viewer." (, 2020).

This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Brno, the Capital City of Prague, and the State Culture Fund.

The performance is a part of the project “Cooperation of Cultural Houses: Studio ALTA, Baerum Kulturhus, Black Box Theatre” supported by EEA grants.

Audience: Adult, Children 5+

tYhle is a collective of Czech and French artists based in the Czech Republic. It is a platform for performance, dance, physical theatre and the visual arts, created by four young artists who share the same vision of the contemporary scene: its duty to experiment and eliminate barriers.

The collective was founded in Brno in 2015 after three years of collaboration between performers Lukáš Karásek and Florent Golfier. They were later joined by the lighting designer Zuzana Režná and the scenographer/choreographer Marie Gourdain.

tYhle’s name is inspired by the Y generation. The letter Y can also be read graphically as the meeting point of different lines, directions, inspirations and backgrounds.

One of tYhle's aims is to build bridges between its two cultures.


EMA ŠLECHTOVÁ’STOP 3.5 FROM CIRKOPOLIS 2021 (review of a performance

adapted for the Cirkopolis v Kobka #10) /

" ...The heart-warming mini-story of a chest-of-drawers/performer who fails to establish a harmonious relationship with a designer living room is clean, funny and satisfyingly autistic. A battle with a cabinet or the mountaineering ascent of a chair and table is lightly done, yet underpinned by muscular tension and precise work with the centre of gravity. Lukáš Karásek's shapes non-violently emphasise the art of movement, while opening up themes of isolation, powerlessness and a childlike playfulness."

Theatre / company

tYhle / Studio ALTA

Czech title

Obývací pokoj


Lukáš Karásek


Viktor Černický

Stage design

Lukáš Urbanec

Costume design

Hynek Petrželka

Lighting design

Zuzana Režná

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Adult , Children


Ludmila Šindlerová