Eastern Block

The Eastern Bloc catwalk concert explores the socialist-communist past of Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland in an international co-production, featuring extravagant costumes and vocal music accompanied by electronics.

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Catwalk concerts are a new performing arts genre at the intersection of theatre, choral concerts and extreme fashion shows. The performances are themed and feature a group of performers who present vibrant, innovative, storytelling costumes on a catwalk-like stage while singing original contemporary compositions. The music and the costumes themselves become the primary art forms, dominating the stage and creating a new arena for theatre.

The Eastern Bloc draws on aspects of social, aesthetic and everyday life during the communist-socialist era in the Visegrad countries. In collaboration with artists from each country, we have created a project that speaks to our common past, with references to the societies of the present and future. The aim is not to evoke nostalgia for the socialist era but to initiate a dialogue between countries and different generations – who have very different memories of this period – and reflect on how our common heritage lives on in our present, raising relevant questions for our lives today.

Catwalk Concert Productions is a new concept created in 2015 by costume designer Fruzsina Nagy and composer and conductor Dóra Halas to define collaborative performances that do not fit into any conventional performing arts categories. In Hungary, Nagy and Halas collaborate with the experimental choir Soharóza. Soharóza improvises with the human voice, language and movement, exploring different areas from folk music to composed pieces, constantly searching for new forms and sounds.

Audience: Adults, Children 14+

Soharóza – founded in 2008 – is an experimental choir led by Dóra Halas. We play and work with the human voice, different tones and timbres and sounds of the human body and surrounding space to create unique performances that defy categorisation. Our methodology is collective composition, with members not only performing, but co-creating each performance. Our common interest involves the formation and perception of sounds through extraordinary means, whether through choral improvisation or sound-choreography, resulting in unusual performances. Our repertoire is constantly growing through collaborations with artists from a wide range of fields. Our first catwalk concert, Taboo Collection (2016), was created in collaboration with costume designer Fruzsina Nagy as a result of experimentation with cross-disciplinary forms and was followed by The Issue (2018).

We enjoy working in extreme venues and have sung in caves, abandoned factory buildings, baths and courts in Budapest. We have performed at the largest theatre and music festivals in Hungary, the Budapest State Opera House, the Hungarian Embassy in Berlin and an international choir competition in Macedonia.

Theatre / company

Soharóza Közhasznú Egyesület

Czech title

Eastern Block


Eörsi Sarolta, Dora Kaplarova, Orsolya Matejčuk, Veress Anna, Agnieszka Wolny-Hamkalo


Halas Dóra and Nagy Fruzsina


Joanna Jaworska-Maciaszek


Halas Dóra, Lovász Ákos


Veress Anna

Stage design

Balázs Júlia

Costume design

Zuzana Hudekova, Dorota Kuźniarska, Nagy Fruzsina, Simona Rybakova

Lighting design

Ján Ptačin

Sound design

Lovász Ákos

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Adult , Children


Anna Gáspár