The opening of a new intervention into the Přístav 18600 space will introduce PAGODAS, created by scenographer Lucie Sedláková and landscape architect Jitka Tomsová.

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17.6.-18.6. Opening the Gate to the Urban Wilderness.

PAGODAS will welcome visitors to Karlín into the urban wilderness.

The committee selected Pagodas, a design by scenographer Lucie Sedláková and landscape architect Jitka Tomsová, from an architectural call to create a Gateway to the Urban Wilderness at Přístav 18600.

Fourteen architects and set designers submitted their projects to the competition for the Gateway to the Urban Wilderness that will welcome visitors as they arrive at Přístav 18600 from the new Štvanická footbridge onto the Libeň Island – an area representing different phases of urban wilderness in Prague.

The winning design by scenographer Lucie Sedláková and landscape architect Jitka Tomsová involves the construction of two pagodas made of concrete railway sleepers. The chosen material impressed the committee with its connection to the former train station that once stood on the site of Přístav 18600, as well as its shape, which gives the impression of a small, ruderal piece of architecture.

Further details concerning the opening schedule will follow.

Audience: Adult, Children 0+ 

Přístav 18600 creates a meeting place in the public space of an urban wilderness developed through artistic activities. A significant part of Přístav 18600’s dramaturgy is theatre production focused on theatre in the public space of the urban wilderness. The programme looks at the possibilities of working with public space and immersive theatrical experiences, to bring the themes of urban wilderness and urban ecology closer to the general public.

Lucie Sedláková, MA studied scenography at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (JAMU) in Brno. She specialises in architecture and scenography for film (Barcarole, Běžná selhání, Atlas ptáků) and theatre (Manželka publikovaného básníka, Gorgó, Historka o Sv: Magdě, Zlatý řez, Krásné místo, Úterý, Alenka za zrcadlem, Bůh je žena).

Jitka Tomsová, PhD studied landscape architecture at the Ecole Nationale Superiéure du Paysage de Versailles in France and in the Czech Republic. She designs public and private spaces and parks, along with concepts for buildings and installations. She is also the author of the object design for Poesiomat. Learn more about her work at

Theatre / company

PAGODY - Lucie Sedláková and Jitka Tomsová @ Přístav 18600

Czech title

Brána do městské divočiny - PAGODY


Lucie Sedláková and Jitka Tomsová




Adult , Children


Jindřich Krippner