Woods Won't Vaporize

A journey towards nature: a surreal dreamland dwelling in the soft connections of the forest ecosystem.

One tree, two trees, three trees... woods.

A dance performance redefining Přístav 18600.

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One tree, two trees, three trees... woods.

A group of dancers and a wide artistic team take us on a vibrant re-discovery of the forest within and around us – a complex and deeply interconnected system that lies beyond our comprehension in a temporality all its own.

WOODS WON’T VAPORIZE creates a surreal dreamland inspired by the forest ecosystem and the anatomy of trees. It invites you to stretch your roots, sense their mutual touch, ground yourself, imagine the decomposition of your tissues, feel the sap flow and breathe. It is a reminder that while humans wage forest wars against one other, the forest continues to live its life cycles far from the human illusion of control. The woods won’t give up. They will remain. They will outlive us, they will not evaporate.

This cycle of dance works stems from long-term, process-oriented artistic research. It offers recent graduates and students in their final year of dance studies one of their first professional experiences and access to a rich network of artists and venues. By creating on the go and interweaving with the audience in several different performance formats, WOODS WON’T VAPORIZE is organically morphing towards its final form.

Thanks to the platform PO_KO_ŘEN curated by Eduard Adam Orzsulik, we are able to offer a unique outdoor adaptation of the performance at the Prague Quadriennale in Přístav 18600.

Audience: Adult, Children 14+

Přístav 18600 creates a meeting place in the public space of an urban wilderness developed through artistic activities. A significant part of Přístav 18600’s dramaturgy is theatre production focused on theatre in the public space of the urban wilderness. The programme looks at the possibilities of working with public space and immersive theatrical experiences, to bring the themes of urban wilderness and urban ecology closer to the general public.


Theatre / company

Alica Minar

Czech title

Woods Won't Vaporize


Alica Minar


Alica Minar


Alica Minar, Eduard Adam Orzsulik


Vi Huyen Tran


Zuzana Žabková

Stage design

Anna Poleteli

Costume design

Anna Poleteli, Hana Brandejs

Lighting design

Raquel Rosildete

Sound design

Vi Huyen Tran

Length of the performance

180 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Adult , Children


Jindřich Krippner