Bodies Together

An immersive performative journey on the phenomenon of corporations and their influence on the lives of individuals and the global community. Abstracted, BODIES TOGETHER.

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An immersive, performative journey on the phenomenon of corporations and their influence on the lives of individuals and the global community. One of the several meanings of the term "corporation" refers to several people/bodies coming together to form one person/body. They unite to become a collective. Abstracted, BODIES TOGETHER.

We relied on this pleasant-sounding thought in creating this immersive, performative journey, which allowed us to discover the specific poetics of the corporate issue.

Corporations are understood as “legal persons” that have similar rights to those of “natural persons.” But what kind of persons are they? Who, or what, is behind the many corporate scandals? Bad people in corporations or bad institutional arrangements?

In general, we tend to hold the mistaken belief that, as individuals, we have nothing to do with the corporations upholding the capitalist system in which we live. Still, our lives and work are deeply intertwined with this profit-driven system driven, often to a degree that we cannot imagine, realise or admit. A corporation may be an artificial legal structure, but the people involved in it, whether as shareholders, executives, employees, or consumers, all have moral and ethical responsibilities.

7 “natural persons.” 7 performers. 7 characters. Each with their own insight and an urgent need to express themselves on this topic.

The creative team offers viewers the opportunity to embark on a fictional journey into the world of the human corporation. It takes place in a fragmented environment. This can make us feel frustrated. To counter it, you can use a method called Through, Not Against – the very environment in which you move will guide you towards adopting this strategy.

Audience: Adult, Children 15+

POCKETART is a team of creatives working in the field of contemporary dance and physical theatre under the direction of the choreographers Johana Pocková and Sabina Bočková. In their projects, the team brings together artists from the fields of dance, music, scenography, fine arts, and lighting design.

The team’s work is characterised by the tackling of topics that transcend the individual’s personal experience and touch upon societal issues such as media manipulation, global environmental threats, stress in a competitive environment, or the position of the individual in the corporate work system. The artists try to approach these topics comprehensively, through detailed work with all theatrical components. In each of their works, they seek a new style of physical expression unique to the topic at hand, creating dance images from specific bodily references. Infused with a distinct poetics, visual purity and strong original music, the performances aim to cultivate a spiritual experience, compelling the audience to reflect on our society.

Theatre / company

POCKETART collective

Czech title

Bodies Together - through not against


POCKETART/Jaro Vinařský and coll.


Jaro Viňarský


Sára Šimek Arnstein, Lukas Blaha, Sabina Bočková, Leonardo Gaipa, Barbora Nechanická, Johana Pocková, Matthew Rogers


Lukáš Palán


Lucia Kašiarová

Stage design

Tomáš Hubínský

Costume design

Sára Šimek Arnstein

Lighting design

Jan Hugo Hejzlar

Length of the performance

75 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Adult , Children


Sabina Bočková