A movement and object-based performance for audiences aged 4 and up.

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Our Earth is full of worlds within worlds. Each of these microworlds lives its own unique life. Through micro-movements, body landscapes and a play with small objects, the performance draws our attention to the little things that are often hiding in plain sight.

This playful and poetic performance explores the fragility of our existence.

The creative team includes established Czech and Slovak artists from the fields of contemporary dance, the visual arts, puppet theatre and music, all of whom have extensive experience in creative work with children. Microworlds offers viewers an open, creative space where everyone and everything has a necessary and important role to play and possesses a unique potential to develop and create shared microworlds with others.

The production also draws children's attention to small things and the details that surround them, which softens their perception, trains their attention and concentration and teaches them to play with minimal resources.

Thanks to the collaboration of Slovak and Czech artists from several industries, a unique and poetic production has emerged, with a tendency to charm adults, as well as young audiences.

Audience: Adult, Children 4+

Choreographer and performer Jazmína Piktorová combines physical theatre with dance, acting and lyrical clowning. Interested in the intersection of movement education with creating work for children, she engages in long-term research into subjects that challenge both her and the audience. She created the movement-object performance Microworlds in collaboration with Sabina Bočková for audiences aged four and up. During her engagement at Drak Theatre, she co-created a devised dance performance for children called Log Leg, which she successfully stages at home and abroad. She teaches in Tanec Praha’s Dance for Schools arts education project.

Choreographer and dancer Sabina Bočková chose to work as a freelance artist after studying classical ballet and modern dance and spending three years in ballet companies. She creates original authorial works in collaboration with Johana Pocková in the POCKETART collective. Their works have been part of Aerowaves, the Czech Dance Platform, and the European projects Big Pulse Dance Alliance and Shape It! Fascinated by simple and obvious body language, she transforms movement through choreographic structures while addressing socio-culturally engaged topics and themes.

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Jazmína Piktorová, Consultation of Magic tricks: Aleš Hrdlička, Consultation and research: Monika Kováčová, Mária Danadová, Alessandro Lumare a Simona Lobefaro - Segni mossi, Production: Wanda Kaprálová & ZDRUHESTRANY, Co-production: Studio ALTA,


Jazmína Piktorová, Sabina Bočková


Jazmína Piktorová, Sabina Bočková


Václav Kalivoda


Mária Danadová

Stage design

Simona Gottierová

Costume design

Simona Gottierová

Lighting design

Jiří Šmirk

Length of the performance

45 minutes

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Jazmína Piktorová