Sun, Earth, water, wind, landscape, stones, plants, animals, people, bees, tents, beehives, jam, honey…..

The bee colony as a single entity. Shared space, voice, visual experiences and various creative processes.

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Sun, Earth, water, wind, landscape, stones, plants, animals, people, bees, tents, beehives, jam, honey…..

A durational performance? An installation with performative input? An original production, depending on where, when and with whom.

The bee colony as a single entity. The queen bee, the heart of the bee colony. Shared space, voice, visual experiences and various creative processes come together. What would it be like to understand ourselves as part of a huge superorganism like the planet Earth, or even the entire universe?

A tent in the landscape or a beehive into which people/bees fly, experiencing a shared space, voice, visual experiences and various processes that mirror the life of a bee colony and offer participants space to discover the parallels between the wildly different societies of humans and bees. The production offers spectators/participants an alternative to the anthropocentric viewpoint in which the human ego must assert itself in relation to the whole.

Bees explores the possibilities of staging a performance in the landscape without a connection to the electrical grid, using sunlight and solar energy, just like bees.

Audience: Adult, Children 3+

An independent professional theatre group, Puppets Without Borders began its puppetry adventures during studies at DAMU-KALD (Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater at the Theater Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague). PWB started in Mexico in 2001 and today continues everywhere (Prague, Chrudim, Aš, Pilsen and Svitavy but also Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Cuba and the United States). In addition to puppet shows, they also organise art and creative puppetry workshops and social theatre projects. Interested in puppets from different points of view, they create for audiences of all ages, social groups nationalities, religions and other categories.

Bees is an original production by Kristýna Täubelová in collaboration with Puppets Without Borders.

Creative team:

Ridina Ahmedová, musician and performer. Her original music spans countless solo and group projects, including collaborations with important musicians in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Jan Beneš, choreographer, dancer and lighting designer.

Dora Bouzková, actress, performer and director, member of Puppets Without Borders.

Kristýna Täubelová is a stage designer for children’s theatre, dance ensembles and other independent theatre groups. She also creates original projects at the intersection of theatre, performance art and fine art.

Jiřina Vacková, actress and performer, member of Puppets Without Borders and Studio Ypsilon.

Some stories are seemingly untouchable. Fredy Hirsch's story is one of them: the story of a teacher of children, a Jew in a concentration camp and a homosexual under totalitarianism.

Theatre / company

Puppets without Borders

Czech title



Kristýna Täubelová and collective




Ridina Ahmedová


Kristýna Täubelová, Dora Bouzková

Stage design

Kristýna Täubelová

Costume design

Jan Beneš

Lighting design

Jan Beneš

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Adult , Children


Kristýna Täubelová