Insider: Unwrapping Reality

A performance between virtual and physical reality for a single spectator by an international collective of artists led by Cristina Maldonado. Performed in English.

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Insider: Unwrapping Reality is a performance by a collective of five international artists, led by Cristina Maldonado. With the help of a guide from the Insider team and Oculus goggles, the spectator explores a virtual reality environment that also projects elements from the outside world, i.e. physical reality. This perceptual lab with subtle ASMR sounds is designed for one viewer and conducted in English.

In our daily lives, technology allows us to exist in multiple places simultaneously. We are immersed in a continuous negotiation with things, processes, and people that are physically absent. We commonly identify them as “virtual presences”, a kind of representation of an original that exists somewhere else. We assign this “copy” to a lower level in the scale of reality, as it cannot really affect us. It cannot be touched and thus cannot be considered truly real.

For some, the virtual world is a place to escape reality for a moment, while others fear that it will replace the real world completely. For us, there is no conflict between the virtual and real worlds; together, they create a continuum of mixed realities.

Unfolding the inner space outwards, and the outer space inwards is a strategy for unwrapping the various layers of reality. The performance provides a perceptual laboratory that offers spectators a space for formulating questions about their position towards reality and reflecting on the existential and philosophical dimensions of being present.

Audience: Adult, Children 15+

Cristina Maldonado is a Mexican intermedia artist based in Prague (CZ). She works in the fields of immersive art, participatory and relational art, video performance, performative writing and site-specific performance. She is currently working with concepts of mediation, unexplored human relations and devised theatre (theatre of collective creation).

Keya Singh (IN) is an intermedia artist specialising in video and performance. Her work explores her identity, which is constantly transforming in the alloy of the cultures from which she comes, the people who raised her, the content she absorbs as an adult, and the contemporary environment.

Lamija Čehajić (BA) is an intermedia artist conducting artistic research through the lens of feminist phenomenologies. She is interested in the relationship between the body and landscape as a geology of presence and belonging.

Isa Juchniewicz is a visual artist who collaborates with other artists, performs, researches, teaches and leads workshops. She works primarily with new media and telematics and explores non-traditional frameworks of belonging.


Interview with Cristina Maldonado the Centre for Experimental Theatre’s journal, CEDIT, available in Czech

Theatre / company


Czech title

Insider: Odkrývání reality


Cristina Maldonado, Keya Singh, Lamija Čehajić, Isa Juchniewicz


Cristina Maldonado

Length of the performance

60 minutes

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Soňa Borodáčová