Audioessays about Performing Arts in the (post)covid Era

Audioessays about Performing Arts in the (Post)Covid Era

To show off is to boast about one’s achievements or display oneself to best advantage. Showoff is a podcast by the Arts and Theatre Institute that addresses the performing arts’ sensitivity and response to current professional and social issues. In each episode, we show off a hot topic of discussion amongst performing arts professionals and work to highlight emerging trends. Our main topic is the adaptation of theatre, dance and contemporary circus to the (post)covid era, but this issue is closely related to questions about the sustainability of the performing arts and the quality of life in today's civilisation. Even as we call for a return to “normal”, it is far from clear just how that normal is going to look.

Each episode is an audio-essay inspired by the international discussion series "Green Thursdays", organised by the Department of International Cooperation - PerformCzech in collaboration with guests and moderators from the ranks of dance and theatre artists, curators, cultural managers and researchers from the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Showoff podcast is brought to you by a team of moderators from the Department of International Cooperation - PerformCzech at the Arts and Theatre Institute (ATI) ( and partner organisations in the Czech Republic and abroad: Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute (, Petőfi Literary Museum - Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute (, Theatre Institute Bratislava (

Individual episodes are based on the discussion series "Green Thursdays: The Show Must Go On/Off-line," which have been held on Zoom on the fourth Thursday of each month since September 2020. The discussion series and resulting podcast are part of ATI's programme Promotion of Czech Performing Arts Abroad and are created in collaboration with partners from the European project Create to Connect -> Creat to Impact and the PACE.V4 - Performing Arts Central Europe network. A complete recording of each debate is available on the Youtube channel jsmeIDU. For details of future episodes, follow and our social media accounts.


The project is supported by the Visegrad Fund:


International Cooperation Department - PerformCzech

Concept and Dramaturgy: Martina Pecková Černá
Podcast Director: Jiří Šimek
Music and Sound Design: Jan Čtvrtník
Production: Barbora Comer