PQ+ Program 2023

PQ+ is a complementary program organized by PerformCzech as part of the 15th edition of the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. It presents performances, installations and exhibitions accentuating contemporary stage design created by the artistic community based in the Czech Republic to international audiences. This curated selection includes interdisciplinary and digital creations, physical theatre and dance, puppet theatre and productions for young audiences, opera and text based performances, audiowalks and contemporary circus. All productions are presented free of language barriers or with English interpretation or surtitles.  

Free tickets for a limited number of international guests available. Reservations and ticket sales opening: May 2nd, 2023.  

Contact person: Taťána Havlová, E tatana.havlova@idu.cz 



Thursday June 8th  

Friday June 9th  

 Saturday June 10th 

  • Tanec Praha - Visiting Artists & Czech Dance Showcase (Praha, Plzeň, Kladruby) 

    • 10:00 Ostružina - Neényi, venue: Ponec

    • 15:00 Showcase, venue Moving Station (Pilsen)

    • 20:00 - Andrea Miltnerová, Monika Knoblochová, Jan Komárek - Celestial Odyssey, Klášter Kladruby   

  • 15:00 Ostružina - Neényi, venue: Ponec  

  • 16:00 Soharóza Közhasznú Egyesület - Eastern Block, venue: X10 

  • 19:00 Eliška Brtnická - Thin Skin, venue: DOX+ 

  • 19:00 Pod Palmovkou Theatre - romeo&julie2022, venue: Pod Palmovkou Theatre 

  • 20:00 Soharóza Közhasznú Egyesület - Eastern Block, venue: X10 

Sunday June 11th  

Monday June 12th  

Tuesday June 13th  

Wednesday June 14th 

Thursday June 15th 

Friday June 16th  

Saturday June 17th 

Sunday June 18th 


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