Lafontaine, Miyazawa, Poe, Shakespeare… (according to a preselected theme)

Description of the workshop:

The workshop focuses primarily on theatrical experimentation with puppets, movement theatre, set design, costume and lighting design. It assumes a basic level of artistic or theatrical background on the part of the student/participant to cope with the demands that will be placed on them. This is a prerequisite and is what the student’s ability to adopt a particular, individual approach to solving given tasks will draw on.

Throughout the workshop students will work with a theme/text, idea and a strong emphasis will be placed on conceptual work. A preselected theme will be thoroughly explored from two basic angles, objective and subjective, the polarisation between a personal statement and the external aspects that shape creativity.

As the students gradually become familiar with the basic problem at the heart of the dramatic material they are working with they will learn the value of artistic techniques, theatre, the stage space, objects, movement and technique. Alternative forms of theatre are included in the students’ creative performances, scenography, and the workshop will end with a public presentation by the participants.

Students, professionals, theatre groups


Petr Matásek

Length of the workshop

2 weeks - 6 weeks

Number of staff


Max. number of participants



Czech , English


Petr Matásek

Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Address: Černá za Bory 99, 533 01 Pardubice
+420 603 165 265